Trading Options

The Trading Options website provides investors and traders education on basic to advanced options, cfds and share trading strategies for both the Australian, US and overseas markets through ebooks and free webinars. Additionally we provide clients with trading ideas and daily stock market reports.

ASX Stock Options Trading

The difference with our ASX stock options trading course is that it provides investors and traders the tools required to learn to trade the market in any direction, up down or sideways. Our trading course and education goes further than teaching the text book definition of particular strategies by educating on the psychology and demonstrates how we implement these strategies in real life.

Trading Options in Australia

ASX Stock Options Trading Recommendations & Strategies

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ASX stock and options recommendations are available upon request, as well as fundamental ASX stock analysis reports. The reports provide new suggestions, trade ideas and strategies for the Australian market. Our daily market reports include a wrap up of the overnight markets, including the major indicies in the US as well as the gold and metals markets.

Our services and recommendations include, but are not limited to portfolio management, stock option trading and CFD trading. We also cover strategies traded for income, long to medium term investing and intra-day trading.

Option Trading

The option trading portfolio covers several strategies designed to generate income, or protect portfolios. Options strategies are continually adjusted and created to suit current market conditions. Some strategies include straddles, strangles, butterflies, ratio spreads, calendar spreads, credit spreads, debit spreads and more. Please contact us for more information regarding our ASX option trading recommendation service.

CFD Trading

The CFD trading portfolio provides short and long trading recommendations, with specified stops and targets. Both fundamental and technical analysis is conducted to generate CFD trading signals. CFD Trade recommendations cover both the ASX market and offshore markets. Clients can trade online or by phoning the trading desk.

An e-book is available upon request for each of these trading services. Portfolio management includes stock option strategies designed for long term growth, with the ability to generate short term income, using options. Capital protection strategies are also available.

ASX Floats and IPOs

Trading options can facilitate new listings and help meet the shareholder spread requirements. For more information click here.

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